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Bryan's on 290

If you're looking for the finest dining in town, we must suggest Bryan's. With culinary artists on staff, you'll have delectable food that melts in your mouth and pleases your palate. The menu includes a beef tenderloin, Jamaican jerk smoked prime pork chop, and veal schnitzel.

Ronnie's Ice House BBQ

You can't visit Texas without sampling the BBQ, and there's no better place to do that than Ronnie's. This quaint restaurant has big portion sizes and tangy meat that will cure your hunger. You can grab a meal for only $13. French Dip sandwiches, brisket tacos, and turkey sliders line the menu.

Nice N Easy

Nice N Easy is a brewery first, a restaurant second, but the food here is still worth your time. Grab a Frito Pie or a Chili Dog to go with your bourbon, gin, rum, or vodka. You can also take a bottle to go if you want to save something for a special occasion, or bring a drink back as a gift.

Lady Bird Lane Cafe

Farm fresh food is important, and at Lady Bird you'll find succulent soups and freshly baked pizza to enjoy. Everything cooked or baked in the restaurant is organic, so you can feel healthy even when you're eating outside. They also have desserts, so keep that in mind when you place your order.

Pecan Street Brewing

Serving food and drinks morning, noon, and night, Pecan Street Brewing offers a fun-filled dining experience. You'll get to try classic pub foods like burgers and sandwiches, or grab a light snack like a salad. Whatever you eat, Pecan is the place to be if you love nightlife atmosphere, as it has live music throughout the day.

Johnson City Coffee Co.

A local coffee shop with a lot of heart, this coffee company has food trucks scattered throughout town. If you love the taste of coffee but don't want to spend time indoors in a crowded coffee shop, enjoy this outdoor-based location.

Oro Bianco Italian Creamery

This local farm has amazing dairy products that are must-buys if you're in the area. Buy locally-made cheese, gelato, and other fun treats at this creamery. They also serve meat, which could be perfect if you plan on grilling at our yurts. You can taste the freshness. The creamery is down the road in Blanco but you can also find a food truck at the Johnson City Coffee shop.
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